Advertising Rates

We used to believe in ad-less online entertainment. But then someone told us that we could actually make money and live in better caves if we allotted for some advertising space on our site. Now we’re total sellouts and want to make some fast cash. Hell…we’ll put ads on our cars and drive around posting Your Weekly Alerts if it means you’ll pay us.

Why advertise with Your Weekly Alert?

We have a loyal following of dedicated and yummy audience members that is consistently growing bigger with each passing week. We could give you stats and all the technicalities to go with it, but who would pay the salary of our statistical engineer (he’s the highest paid fella here – mostly because of his title). But you can be certain of one thing, advertise with us and you’ll reap the rewards of countless online impressions (We say countless, but that is a little misleading. We can count up the impressions based on some backend webstats).

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Advertising Rates:

We’re running an introductory 6 month special that includes any size ad for $30/month. We also have a Chocolate Chip Cookie Advertiser Special for $300/year. That’s a $60 savings for advertising annually and less than a dollar a day. Ad sizes are shown below. Don’t wait – there is limited ad space.



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