What We Do and Why We Do It

Your Weekly Alert is dedicated to an undying love and committment to preserving the countless moments that make our lives mean something. In a nutshell, we post what we love in hopes that it will make your life a little better. And let’s face it, sometimes the world takes a dump on us and we just need to laugh, cry or sever a major artery to make ourselves feel alive.

Don’t blame us if you don’t find value in our site. We do what we do so that we have something to do when we’re not doing anything else. That’s it. Don’t come knockin’ at our door if you saw something that offended you. Guess what? The Internet is a vast universe of sometimes useless knowledge and understanding and if you don’t like something we’ve posted here…please don’t heckle us.

Don’t get us wrong!

We appreciate our people. And we appreciate the people who visit our site. We also appreciate the people who know those people who visit our site. Then there’s the family of all those people…we like them too. And then there’s our advertisers. They’re cool and they want you to patron their fine online establishments. That’s what makes the world go round’ and keeps us ALL happy.

Want to advertise?

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